TRLN Single Copy Task Group

(2006 - 2008)


Hilary Davis (NCSU)
Christie Degener (UNC Health Sciences Library)
Gwyneth Duncan (Duke)
Elaine Druesedow (Duke)
Robbin Ernest (Duke)
Andy Hart (UNC)
Aisha Harvey (Duke)
Zari Kamarei, UNC, Chair
Anne Langley (Duke)
Will Owen (UNC)
Mitchell Whichard (UNC)
Judy Woodburn (Duke Medical Center Library)
Margaretta Yarborough (UNC)

Staff to the committee: Judy Ruttenberg
Research Assistants: Ann Irvine & Michael Peper

to create a single copy "opt-in" serials program in TRLN, with materials housed at the Library Services Center (LSC). Electronic journals and e-archiving have matured to the point where print journals with electronic equivalents may be safely archived off-site, electronic-only collecting in certain areas is a reality for research libraries, and where a single copy archive can reasonably serve multiple institutions.

As Phase I of the project, the Task Group will coordinate the shared, merged storage of print journal archives, using chemistry and other science journals at Duke and Carolina which have already been targeted for storage in the LSC under the principle of non-duplication.

Binding legal documents to govern the shared storage program will be developed by senior library staff and university counsels. These documents will be in place well before the completion of Phase I.

The Group will oversee the process of choosing which copy will be selected as the archival copy, the presentation of shared materials in local OPACs, documentation of last copy status, and designate the archive either dim or dark, articulating appropriate access models depending on that designation.



The Group's final report will document procedures and principles involved with a shared print collection. The group will raise issues needing resolution as they are encountered. The report will be delivered by December 31, 2006.

The Group's report will document principles and guidelines for including a title in the single copy program (a selection component to be developed in consultation with subject selectors), and should also address the process of adding future titles to the archive and to the single-copy program, and for adding additional TRLN libraries.

IP protectedFinal Report (March 2008)

IP protectedSingle Copy Agreement (Sept. 2007)

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Pilot Queue (8-10-07)

Holdings summary, Pilot Titles
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Background Documents

IP protectedCampus Reports
Task Force on Evaluating Science Library Collections (Final Report, UNC, August 2006)
Retention and Storage of Library Materials (Duke, February 2006)

IP protectedTRLN Reports
TRLN Task Group to Reduce Print Journals, Final Report

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External Documents

Clennon, Cindy, Wendy A. Shelburne, and Thomas H. Teper. "Building Publishers' Journal Archives in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation." Serials Review. 32.2 (2006): 87-91.


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